Walid Hareb Al Falahi

Walid Hareb Al Falahi

Chief Executive Officer of the Dubai Consultancy


Walid Hareb Al Falahi is the Chief Executive Officer of the Dubai Consultancy, which he  founded in 2005. Dubai Consultancy focuses on creating high profile, highly targeted  business networks where potential buyers can meet the suppliers and their product on a  common ground. 

Walid is also the Vice President of one of the major property developers in Dubai, Akar  Properties and Vice Chairman of Sultan Investments. Co-founder of AKAD Development, an  independent housing development organization in Kurdistan, Iraq. 

After graduating from the Golden Gate University in San Francisco, he began his career with  Arthur Andersen in 1994 and then had a brief stint in Emirates Bank in 1997 for a year. He  joined the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority and worked till 2006 for close to a decade where he  was the Senior Business Development Manager. 

With this variation in business entities, Walid still maintains his strongest skill of networking  to build partnerships & relations in the corporate world. He solely established the first major  Humanitarian Free Zone city in the world, the Dubai Aid City in 2003, masterminded several  projects such as economical projects in Ghana, Kurdistan; Iraq, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. In  mid-2004, he won the Best Employee Award in the UAE, for outstanding achievement and  contribution to his field.

Walid was the Chief Executive Officer of the International Humanitarian City in Dubai, which  was initially a merger between the Dubai Aid City and Dubai Humanitarian City. Walid’s  leadership and consistency to the Dubai International Humanitarian City Project was a true  reflection of his dedication to delivering, and going on roads less traveled. 

He became the Executive Director of Zayed International Humanitarian Awards [ZIHA]. This  is one of the largest humanitarian awards being setup to help and leverage the needs of  people across the world with a total value of 6.8 million dollars a year that reflects the  transformative legacy of Sheikh Zayed and focuses the global/public mind on key and  critical efforts towards developmental challenges. Actively involved in different initiative that  contributes to the development of Islamic economy such as Halal Exhibition and Islamic  Summit and taking the lead to pursue the vision of boosting all investment opportunities  available in different sectors and countries. 

Currently, he is the Senior Advisor of Huawei Technologies in United Arab Emirates. 

Walid’s spirited enthusiasm makes him a strong believer that the world is a small place and  his asset of strong networking capabilities can open vast opportunities for businesses to  come together and reach new heights. 

The following lists additional experience and accomplishments that Walid has initiated on  economic development: 

  • Advised UAE Government on the OECD MENA Initiative 

  • Mastermind several projects such as economic projects in Ghana, Kurdistan, Iraq,  Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. 

  • Management Consultancy for Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone 

  • Establishment of Free Economic Zones in Morocco and Djibouti 

  • Numerous trade shows and exhibitions - France, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia,  Russia 

  • Edu Conference 2014 

  • Milan Expo Challenge 2015


Experience Overseas 

  • Establishment of Free Economic Zones In Morocco and Djibouti 

  • Feasibility and Consultancy for Free Economic Zones 

  • Advice for multinational companies from the Gulf who are interested to invest in Africa 

  • Ghana National Railway Project, feasibility and financing 

  • UAE Trade exhibition – Ghana 

  • UAE Trade Center– Kenya 

  • Trade Missions in Russia, China, France and East Africa.